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Interestingly, corporations turn a blind eye to the number one escalating expense on their books: onboarding. As technology becomes more complex, so does the ramping up of new personnel, regardless of their experience. This problem is compounded by the ever-increasing demand to meet the edge of software and hardware development. I am looking for a […]

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Chief Technology Officer / IT Manager

  • Summary: As owner of IETech and the sole consultant representing all the technology needs of my small business client, I’ve acquired the skills of a CTO or IT Director.
  • Knowledge: Budgeting, research, design, recommendation, acquisition, implementation, documentation, training, policies, procedures, adherence to company and government guidelines.
  • Highlights: 15 years having same 2 clients and 5 years of another.
  • Titles: Chief Technology Officer, IT Director

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Home Projects

  • Summary: The measure of a person is not by just what they do at work, but rather by what they do outside of work. Built detached office, water filtration building and new well housing.
  • Knowledge: Architectural Design, Project Management, Cost Analysis, Structural Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Concrete, Carpentry, Roofing, Painting.
  • Highlights: Rigid foam on exterior to eliminate thermal bridging, truss design for easier sheathing and ceiling insulation, designed to have HVAC and computers in attic, radiant floor heating, mini-split conditioning, custom mullion to join windows, vinyl plank flooring, Cat6, MC clad electrical, 3 circuit breaker panel. Designed for Electromagnetic Hypersensitive.
  • Titles: Architect, Project Manager, Engineer, Trade.

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Splunk Add-Ons

  • Summary: Created Splunk module to enable maintenance scheduling. Augmented Splunk alert notification by creating HTML email templating engine.
  • Knowledge: Splunk, Python, Outlook, HTML.
  • Titles: Software Engineer, Senior Developer.
  • Highlights: Email alerts with links, graphics, and action response. Splunk interface to set monitoring maintenance.

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Monitoring 101: If you can’t measure it, you can’t fix it.

  • Summary: Identified need, assessed feasibility, designed, built, deployed, and adminstered enterprise monitoring system.
  • Knowledge: Linux, bash, perl, Nagios, Centreon, VPN, HTML, Splunk, AppManager, Java, SQL, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL.
  • Highlights: Monitoring: 200+ sites, 400+ servers, 200+ metrics/server measuring trillions of metrics per year using in-house developed and open source components. Short ROI, unmatched flexibility, and highly customizable.
  • Titles: Senior Systems Architect, Senior Developer, Administrator, Support Engineer.

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  • Summary: Built a web based File tree application.
  • Knowledge: HTML, AJAX, PHP.
  • Titles: Systems Architect, Lead Programmer.
  • Highlights: Displayed most file types, permitted basic text file editing, had virtual links, mirrored physical file directory security and structure, allowed create, rename, move of directory and file.

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