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Data Philosophy

The largest asset in a company is no longer the employees, but rather their data. And, quite frankly, everywhere I’ve gone it’s mismanaged, misunderstood, or simply mistaken. Information Engineering Technologies (IETech) was envisioned to help companies gain control of their data to improve the efficiency of operations, development, and sales. Additionally ‘data’ can be quasi […]

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Interestingly, corporations turn a blind eye to the number one escalating expense on their books: onboarding. As technology becomes more complex, so does the ramping up of new personnel, regardless of their experience. This problem is compounded by the ever-increasing demand to meet the edge of software and hardware development. I am looking for a

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Chief Technology Officer / IT Manager

  • Summary: As owner of IETech and the sole consultant representing all the technology needs of my small business client, I’ve acquired the skills of a CTO or IT Director.
  • Knowledge: Budgeting, research, design, recommendation, acquisition, implementation, documentation, training, policies, procedures, adherence to company and government guidelines.
  • Highlights: 15 years having same 2 clients and 5 years of another.
  • Titles: Chief Technology Officer, IT Director

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Home Projects

  • Summary: The measure of a person is not by just what they do at work, but rather by what they do outside of work. Built detached office, water filtration building and new well housing.
  • Knowledge: Architectural Design, Project Management, Cost Analysis, Structural Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Concrete, Carpentry, Roofing, Painting.
  • Highlights: Rigid foam on exterior to eliminate thermal bridging, truss design for easier sheathing and ceiling insulation, designed to have HVAC and computers in attic, radiant floor heating, mini-split conditioning, custom mullion to join windows, vinyl plank flooring, Cat6, MC clad electrical, 3 circuit breaker panel. Designed for Electromagnetic Hypersensitive.
  • Titles: Architect, Project Manager, Engineer, Trade.

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Splunk Add-Ons

  • Summary: Created Splunk module to enable maintenance scheduling. Augmented Splunk alert notification by creating HTML email templating engine.
  • Knowledge: Splunk, Python, Outlook, HTML.
  • Titles: Software Engineer, Senior Developer.
  • Highlights: Email alerts with links, graphics, and action response. Splunk interface to set monitoring maintenance.

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Monitoring 101

  • Summary: Identified need, assessed feasibility, designed, built, deployed, and adminstered enterprise monitoring system.
  • Knowledge: Linux, bash, perl, Nagios, Centreon, VPN, HTML, Splunk, AppManager, Java, SQL, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL.
  • Highlights: Monitoring: 200+ sites, 400+ servers, 200+ metrics/server measuring trillions of metrics per year using in-house developed and open source components. Short ROI, unmatched flexibility, and highly customizable.
  • Titles: Senior Systems Architect, Senior Developer, Administrator, Support Engineer.

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