Experience, confidence, trust, and adaptability are the hallmarks of IETech.

Experience: Since 1990 IETech has provided a wide range of technical expertise and services to businesses across multiple industries. I’m not only proud to say all of my clients are still flourishing, but even more proud to say the solutions I’ve implemented for them are still entrenched in their operations.

Confidence: As I am the lone consultant for IETech, I can confidently assess any technology and provide cost effective solutions for the most pressing needs. I prefer to patiently evaluate the status quo and proceed in a carefully planned manner. Especially, in this transitory era of AI/ML and cloud services. Historically, this methodology has proven to be the most beneficial for my client base.

Trust: I never lose sight that I work for you. But, trust is a two way street. I don’t expect you to trust me with the keys to the kingdom. I realize I need to earn your trust. As part of that endeavour, my first gesture is to provide all tangible items at cost; meaning I only make money on my hours. Furthermore, when I need to learn something to get the job done for you, I learn during the non-billable hours. I am proud to put my customer’s interest first. I realize that carries the responsibility of making each client comfortable and confident with the advice I provide. Together, we can foster an approach to leverage technology to allow you to focus on the things that really matter in your business.

Adaptability: Technology is progressing at an alarming rate. It has never been more important to establish a flexible architecture. Realize the most important asset to any company is the ‘information’ and people within. If you focus on your data and the standardization of the format, then you will be better positioned to adopt new technology as it matures.

I’m a short phone call, televideo, or email away. Let’s have a 10 minute discussion to see where I can immediately assist you.

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