Since 1990 IETech has provided technical expertise to businesses of all sizes and industries.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t fix it.”

The largest asset in a company is no longer the employees, but rather their data. And, quite frankly, everywhere I’ve gone it’s mismanaged, misunderstood, or simply mistaken. Information Engineering Technologies (IETech) was envisioned to help companies gain control of their data to improve the efficiency of operations, development, and sales. So, it’s no wonder that as Lead Technical Engineer for a FinTech Mobile Applications, I identified a lack of quantitative evidence to support the product. To fix this I created an enterprise monitoring system. Click here for details. Currently most people still see ‘monitoring’ as only an IT resource, but it’s so much more because, in principle, it can be applied to every department. ‘Monitoring’ should be non compartment, dynamic, explorative, and intelligent.

Additionally ‘data’ can be quasi defined as ‘knowledge’. As such, one of the most exorbitant hidden costs at corporations these days are ‘on-boarding’ costs. Let’s face it, technology is ever growing, creating an expanding chasm of employee knowledge. Lose one employee instrumental in the development and ask yourself how difficult it is to get a new employee up to speed. ‘On-boarding’ costs will ‘always’ grow unless a company has the foresight to implement an ‘in-line’ operational flow. I’m here to assist you on lowering that cost, but it’ll require your understanding and desire to do so.

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