For 30 years IETech has been providing technical services to companies of all sizes.

We (collectively myself and all of my knowledge points) specialize in Corporate Technology Architecture. Ok, that’s an acronym you, likely, haven’t seen before. Allow me to enlighten you. Corporate technological infrastructure is often a quagmire of executive decisions over the years. Which in hindsight now looks like a complete mess. And an expensive one to boot. And while things may be ‘working’, they’re certainly not efficient, flexible or cost effective. And when you throw the labor necessary to support that infrastructure into the equation, things quickly spiral out of control.

Our charter is to more easily facilitate ‘Moore’s Law’ by providing intuitive solutions flexible enough to stand the test of time, thus allowing the company to better focus on industry separation criteria. Whether it’s a philosophy or a hard solution, the results will be less stress, greater margins, and superior products.