Career Profile

I’ve had the privilege of holding several titles throughout my career; many of which ran parallel because of the need to multitask regional/enterprise full-stack solutions.

Software Architect / Software Developer

  • Summary: Created several applications
  • Knowledge: Python, PHP, HTMLx, CSSx, AJAX, Jira, Bash, Perl, Eclipse
  • Highlights: Enterprise Monitoring application, 2 Integrated Splunk Applications, Several web-based applications
  • Titles: Software Architect, Software Developer

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Chief Technology Officer / IT Manager

  • Summary: As owner of IETech and the sole consultant representing all the technology needs of my small business client, I’ve acquired the skills of a CTO or IT Director.
  • Knowledge: Budgeting, research, design, recommendation, acquisition, implementation, documentation, training, policies, procedures, adherence to company and government guidelines.
  • Highlights: 15 years having same 2 clients and 5 years of another.
  • Titles: Chief Technology Officer, IT Director

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Senior Systems Architect

  • Summary: Nearly every job I’ve held, I’ve assumed this responsibility.
  • Knowledge: Diverse toolset for diverse applications
  • Highlights: All had very short ROIs.
  • Titles: Senior Systems Architect

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Senior Support Engineer

  • Summary: Held the senior support engineer position for 12+ years. while concurrently, building an open source enterprise software solution.
  • Knowledge: Salesforce, Jira (see ‘Monitoring 101’ post for knowledge on that.
  • Highlights: lead engineer, code level diagnosis.
  • Titles: Tier 4 Engineer, Senior Support Engineer.

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