Buzz Word “Monitoring” … PLUS

Talk about a trend. ‘Monitoring’ seems to be what every tech company talks about these days. But, as usual, it comes at an expense and one which escalates with the volume of transactions. And, more importantly, becomes and out-of-control expense. I was faced with that exact problem, but my ROI conscience compelled me to create my own. So, I decided to use ‘open source’ technology. Nothing remotely comes close to cost effectiveness than a well developed, well managed, ‘open source’ solution.

For this particular solution I had, as the highest architectural priorities, the following: flexibility, single code base, multiple channel delivery, decoupled architecture, profitability, short term ROI, and pre-emptive discovery. Additionally, I spearheaded a profit center resulting in another tier of support revenue, created several essential tools for the support team, integrated a knowledge base thus reducing the time to effectively on-board new personnel, all while continuing to serve as a senior tier 4 engineer.

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