Forced Out

Nothing is more frustrating than being forced out of a job for bad reasons. Up until this job in life, I left on my own volition. Even with this particular job, I can say the same, however, quite honestly I quit because my job definition changed into something I could no longer identify with. Hence, being ‘forced out’. The problem was I was tasked to accomplish a remote security system. As always, I searched internally for another division’s solution. Why not? It’s the most cost effective approach. I found one which the largest division had created. It was a very good solution. But to this day I couldn’t understand why they didn’t embrace it. Only to conclude departmental management wanted to brand themselves differently. Regardless, I was forced to come up with a ‘different’ solution. Quite honestly, it was a steep learning curve and one which I progressed slowly but diligently towards. Not quickly enough, however. I was reassigned a new job with completely different responsibilities. I did not feel comfortable with the new atmosphere, so I moved on and started my own company.

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