Computer and Information Research Scientist

Per AI: “Computer and Information Research Scientists are responsible for inventing and designing new computing technologies and finding innovative uses for existing technologies in order to advance fields such as business, science, medicine, and engineering.”

It’s one thing to be assigned a task. It’s a completely different thing to identify a need and develop a solution. It’s my nature to not only straddle the edge of technology, but to combine technologies to come up with ultra effective solutions.

For example, take the monitoring system I created. I assessed existing Docker, Kubernetes, and Cloud technologies to see if they were viable in the architecture, but they each came up short due to security, efficiency, or automation. So, I designed around them. Keeping with this monitoring solution, it became so essential it was integrated into the pricing structure with ‘Platinum Monitoring’ being a higher priced tier. Or another design construct unique to this system was the tiered ‘focus’. Analogous to medical scenarios, the monitoring was ‘dynamic’ in that with the click of a button we could put a client’s monitoring into ‘intensive care’ mode, thus providing a more precise sampling of standard metrics and a whole other tier of deep-dive metrics.

Another example was citing Splunk’s omission of maintenance mode and creating a plugin for that. Also, identifying the shortcomings of the notification capabilities in Splunk and building an email templating engine to clarify results, provide links to the Splunk console thus allowing immediate analysis, adding buttons for controlling maintenance mode, or simply adding context sensitive educational links to reduce employee on-boarding costs.

And yet another: the creation of a matching program. Despite it being decades old, the algorithm is still better than most in that it prioritized both parties requirements, thus resulting in a more mutual match

These are just a few of the many. Feel free to peruse my ‘Accomplishment’ for more.

It’s also my nature to stay current on all technology trends by correctly citing applicable advancements vs those which are more marketing hype than reality. The timing, longevity, flexibility, and lower cost of ownership are at the forefront of my thinking … always.

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