• Summary: Built a web based File tree application.
  • Knowledge: HTML, AJAX, PHP.
  • Titles: Systems Architect, Lead Programmer.
  • Highlights: Displayed most file types, permitted basic text file editing, had virtual links, mirrored physical file directory security and structure, allowed create, rename, move of directory and file.

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  • Summary: IETech started 1990 to provide employment flexibility and be a platform for technology development.
  • Knowledge: Dbase III, HTML, AJAX, PHP, Linux, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, MSSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle, LDAP, Postfix, IPSec, Samba.
  • Titles: CEO, CTO, Systems Architect, Project Manager, Consultant.
  • Highlights: Created a web-based file tree application, served all IT needs for small businesses for 15 years.

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Campus Network

  • Summary: Built 800 node campust wide network and environmentally controlled central server room.
  • Knowledge: network engineering, network security, computer room design, security protocols.
  • Titles: Network Engineer.
  • Highlights: Replaced mainframe terminal infrastructure with a networking infrastructure. Established security protocol to reduce system compromises.

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Fiber Network

  • Summary: Requirements research, design, and lobby for a 2500 node fiber optic network with integrated network operating system.
  • Knowledge: network engineering, government contract negotiation.
  • Titles: Network Engineer, Systems Architect.
  • Highlights: Succeeded in approval of a 2500 node fiber optic network with integrated network operating system.

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People Matcher

  • Summary: Created a program to match couples.
  • Knowledge: Dbase, PCs, XyWrite, Laser printers.
  • Titles: System Architect, Lead Developer, IT Administrator.
  • Highlights: Increased revenue 500%, Hierarchical algorithm likely to still be the best even today.

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Type Setter

  • Summary: Created an automatic paste-up program for classified ads.
  • Knowledge: Dbase, XyWrite.
  • Titles: System Architect, Lead Programmer.
  • Highlights: Saved 6 hours per month of Art Director’s time. Expedited publishing schedule.

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