Thrust Into Emergency Mode

While performing my normal responsibilities, I was approached by my boss, citing I had extensive DBase experience on my resume from 6 years earlier. new credit approval system and being thrown into emergency mode when their XBase credit approval system crashed.  “XBase” you say?  Why on earth wouldn’t they be using an SQL based system?  Especially, for something as large as they had.  You guessed it.  I was truly perplexed.  But, that wasn’t what I was thinking when I went 48 straight hours by myself without sleep to get their system ‘limping’ again.  I thought I skipped following the DBase II trend two jobs before.  Funny how your experience follows you. I didn’t want to be forced into that because, IMO, there’s limited to zero personal growth.  My tenure had come to an end as I took a new job in San Francisco; not because of this experience, but rather for personal reasons.

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