Networking Foray

As I stated in my previous post, my program was too successful. The program was designed to ‘compromise’ a perfect match if it couldn’t find enough criteria. Combined with the inability to sustain the subscriber list, it eventually drove the company out of business. So, off to my next job. During the interview, they wanted me to continue with DbaseII development; to which I declined the job because I felt it was leading down a path of antiquity. I guess that impressed them because they offered me a different job on the spot with a higher pay grade. The only problem is, I knew nothing about ‘networking’. But, then again, I knew nothing entering my last job either. So, I took it. And, boy, was it hell out of the gates. I worked for a defense contractor and replaced a very likable guy who knew his stuff. After being grilled on base for the first week, I stood tall and promised my dedication to the cause with a confidence level of getting it done and done right. My only frustration was the politics of military lobbying. I designed and lobbied for a 2500 node fiber optic network for a secure branch of the military. 3 1/2 years later we were halted right before contract award by an anonymous ‘complaint’. In the government, that means long investigation bearing no verdict, allot of expense, and starting over. Not me. I left for the private sector. But I kept my eye on the project from afar. Suffice it to say, they spent twice as much, took twice as long to implement and it was antiquated in 5 years (note: the fiber would still be good today). And you wonder about the $20 hammer (adjusted for inflation it’s $100 today).

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