People Matcher

  • Summary: Created a program to match couples.
  • Knowledge: Dbase, PCs, XyWrite, Laser printers.
  • Titles: System Architect, Lead Developer, IT Administrator.
  • Highlights: Increased revenue 500%, Hierarchical algorithm likely to still be the best even today.

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Type Setter

  • Summary: Created an automatic paste-up program for classified ads.
  • Knowledge: Dbase, XyWrite.
  • Titles: System Architect, Lead Programmer.
  • Highlights: Saved 6 hours per month of Art Director’s time. Expedited publishing schedule.

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Salvage Data

  • Summary: Built custom serial cable to salvage company data from an obsolete computer.
  • Knowledge: Custom serial cable design, Dbase II, XyWrite.
  • Titles: IT Engineer.
  • Highlights: Saved the primary asset of this company (its subscriber list).

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