Lowell Lannert
proactive, diplomatic, thorough, objective, reliable
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  • Accomplished across all IT disciplines
  • Authored several full-stack applications, web sites, and network implementations
  • Owned and operated independent consultancy for 15 years
  • Expert at identifying inefficiencies, potential profit centers, and developing solutions

"Lowell was essential to operations. As we downsized, I reassured Lowell that he'd be the last one out the door. Even after me." ~ CEO

2019-2020 ~ Splunk Modules

Identified need, assessed ROI, acquired approval, and built two Splunk modules to facilitate monitoring voids in Splunk. One, was to allow for scheduling maintenance. And, the other was an email templating engine to streamline action response, provide context sensitive information, and simplify complex alerts. Fiserv

HTML5~CSS3~Python~Outlook HTML

2008-2019 ~ Enterprise Monitoring Solution

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Identified need, detailed requirements, assessed off-the-shelf solutions, calculated ROI, acquired C-Level approval and built a monitoring solution for the leading mobile banking application. The result was zero downtime averting 100s of impacting scenarios, maintained all SLAs, flexible decoupled architecture, 100% open source, single code base, structured to meet customer security requirements, provided diagnostic data to assist action response teams, provided extensive operational and marketing data, 200+ remote servers at 100+ remote sites, 100s of touchpoints, billions of metrics, live regional channel simulation (SMS, URL, and REST), and so much more. Monitise

"Lowell was a great technical resource ... instrumental in helping gather and organize monthly usage data ... critical to company operations ... reported to C-level executives ... easy to work with ... always had confidence his output would be accurate and punctual" ~ VP Sales


1995-2008 ~ Consulting

I founded and operated a successful consulting company for 13 years, catering to the technology needs of businesses. During this time, I provided comprehensive support in all aspects of IT to my clients.

As part of my commitment to excellence, I replaced all of the Microsoft backend products with their Linux counterparts, resulting in substantial cost savings, significantly improved uptime, and extended capacity (>50,000 emails/week). IETech

"As the CEO of multiple companies, I had the pleasure of working with Lowell for several years ... His character and behavior are second to none ... Integrity, dependability, and reliability, best express who he is" ~ IETech Client

Active Directory~Open LDAP~Samba

1990-1993 ~ Campus Network

As Network Engineer, I successfully designed and implemented an 800 user, 14-server, Netware network. Ongoing responsibilities included overseeing all LAN and WAN operations and applications (DB, mail, fax, and print servers). Ensured the network's security was top-notch, implementing various measures to safeguard against potential threats. Brown & Root Braun

"Lowell led the investigative and disaster recovery team when the company was infected with a virus. Despite sound policies and procedures established by Lowell, end-user neglect was the root cause. Lowell handled the resulting all-hands meeting with composure and resolve, quantitatvely emphasizing the importance that everyone adhere to the security policies. ~ CEO

Intel~3Com Ethernet~IPX/SPX
Novell~LAN Manager

1987-1990 ~ Fiber Network

As a project engineer, I led a team in evaluating LAN technology, establishing customer network requirements, and proposing the full technical specification of a large 750 node LAN. This included requirements analysis, economic analysis, design, implementation plan, training plan, and security plan. I performed extensive evaluations of the current state of available token ring, token bus, and ethernet products, and produced life cycle cost/benefit comparisons of copper and fiber optic transmission mediums for specific customer needs. S.Systems

"Lowell consistently performed above client expectations" ~ Manager

FDDI~Multimode fiber~Proteon
Ethernet~Token Ring~TCP/IP
Vax~Banyan Vines

1985-1987 ~ Personal Matching

As architect, developer, and administrator, I created a personal matching program for single people. Its unique algorithm is still considered state-of-the-art. Intro

"500% annual revenue growth was the direct result of Lowell's skills" ~ CEO


1983-1985 ~ Publishing

As IT Director, I launched several initiatives to improve efficiency within this publishing company. I engineered a solution to transfer data from an obsolete computer. Pertinent to that were numerous mailing list cleansing scripts using self-learning and a paste-up script to automatically paginate classified ads. Intro

"How Lowell managed to save our most valuable asset was absolutely amazing" ~ CEO



Alpharetta, GA
Mar 2019-Mar 2020
Software Architect
San Francisco, CA
July 2008-Mar 2019
Solutions Architect
San Francisco, CA
Apr 1995-Jul 2008
San Francisco, CA
May 1994-Mar 1995
Solutions Architect
Cerritos, CA
Aug 1993-May 1994
Systems Architect
Alhambra, CA
Mar 1990-Aug 1993
Network Architect
El Segundo, CA
Mar 1987-Mar 1990
Network Architect
Los Angeles, CA
Jan 1984-Jan 1987
IT Director


Iowa State University ~ Ames, IA
BS Computer Science ~ Dec 1981-May 1983
BA Architecture ~ Aug 1977-Dec 1982