No time for resting now…

For the past 3 years we, as a country, have faced formidable challenges. I, ironically, was laid off because Fiserv wanted to consolidate people in-house. This was, literally, the week before the country shut down. Being the person I am, I can never sit still. So, for the past 3 years, I’ve kept myself busy by building, a radiant heated detached office, a water purification building, and a new well housing. Each flexible in operation, constructed with architectural style and integrity, and environmentally conscious. Of course, as with all things, I learned what it took to do the job at the highest level of quality.
So, if you’re reading this and you’re looking for a ‘doer’, I might be the perfect candidate because that’s what I’ve been doing all my life (ie learning what it takes to do the job no one else wants to do). I want that challenge and am willing to compromise salary to learn what it takes to do it. So, contact me and let’s see how I can take your company to a higher level.

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